British Horse riding

October 27, 2022
If you are having riding

The fact that we now describe the economic task surrounding the horse as an “industry” reveals the progress we made over the past a decade, and reflecting the changing face associated with agricultural and leisure areas inside time.

Exactly what could be the horse industry?

The horse industry is more varied than nearly every various other sector either within agriculture or perhaps in the wider leisure business.

Basically it may be divided into two components:

  • Tasks in line with the usage, ownership or ownership of horses (basic tasks)
  • Suppliers of horse associated products or services for all those core activities (providers into the core)

Tasks forming the core the main industry consist of professional right through to leisure. In between lie numerous semi expert riders and individuals whoever interest is split between earning a living and pure leisure task.

The industry core caters right for needs of customers. The activities aimed toward expert bikers include commercial breeders, affiliated activities such as for instance dressage and show bouncing, instruction and rushing. The leisure oriented tasks range from the provision of driving lessons, trekking and tourist attractions.

The various other part of the industry comprises of providers of products and solutions towards core. Examples include farriery, feed supply and veterinary services, livery yards etc.

All these elements provide employment to considerable amounts of folks frequently in an outlying neighborhood in which possibilities tend to be decreasing.

Nationwide Equestrian Research 2015


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The British Horse Society - Access Code
The British Horse Society - Access Code
TREC. British Horse Society TREC. BBC Sports coverage.
TREC. British Horse Society TREC. BBC Sports coverage.
The KBIS British Eventing Young Horse Championships
The KBIS British Eventing Young Horse Championships
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