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March 9, 2022

(Greg Fiume/Getty photos)Presidents' time is not often connected with baseball. That's clear, because the vacation occurs before the beginning of the period. There will not be any cause for both to be connected.

In addition, that's some regrettable. America's Pastime should celebrate America's great leaders. Presidents have actually a long history because of the game, especially tossing down very first pitches.

Luckily, we here at The Stew are finding the right way to commemorate both Presidents' time additionally the upcoming baseball period. We protected a job interview with Washington National rushing president Teddy, one of modern baseball's many prominent presidents plus the on-field rushing likeness of 26th president Theodore Roosevelt. He's an admirer preferred and former underdog who inspired the "Let Teddy Profit" promotion.

Here are some is our Q&A with Teddy. We chatted to him about his offseason education routine, the craziest things he's seen in the industry and whether he is the Nationals good-luck charm. Considering it's also George's birthday, we had to see whether Teddy would commemorate together with his race opponent.

BLS: to start, just what has your offseason already been like? Where maybe you have gone? Exactly what have you done? How are you maintaining busy?
Teddy: My offseason happens to be good, i do believe it’s always crucial that you recharge the electric batteries when the season ends up. As usual we took time to check out a warmer area during January. But other than that i've been going to with lots of followers all around the DMV, [and] even participated in an innovative new Year’s Eve celebration. Lately, I have been going to the gym pretty difficult, two-a-days, I always wish to make certain i will be ready as soon as the season begins! Only yesterday I became call at D.C. working on shots when it comes to brand new Presidents Race intro video!

Just how will you be preparing for the events this season?
When I pointed out, i've been hitting the gym extremely seriously. I'm always looking to get much better. I have been studying some race movies not only from our events only at Nats Park, but in addition some Pirates Pierogies races besides. Those guys are great competitors, and I’m looking something that help give myself a benefit in battle. Final season it had been really a battle for Presidents Championship belt and also this 12 months i will be determined to win it back once again.

Some of the Presidents get assistance from buddies, or often utilize unlawful devices to have forward (Segways, etc). Which one for the Presidents is the biggest cheater?
Hmmm, that is a question. You know, we don’t truly see it as any person infidelity. More often than not i do believe to myself “why performedn’t i do believe of the?” However if you requested me just who i do believe my biggest competition is, i might state definitely it is Abe. I don’t think discover another racer out there just who likes to win over Abe, plus it shows from all their Ws. I’ve seriously considered him a great deal during the offseason. I have to intensify my game!

(AP Photos)

You’ve been a Racing President for a time now, what’s the dirtiest strategy you’ve ever seen during a battle?
I’m gonna be truthful to you, We have seen lots take place within the nine many years I have been rushing, and there is one thing that however haunts me. I happened to be from the wrong end of their assault in 2014 then once again on starting Day just last year. To make matters more serious I'd to re-live it whenever I saw it on ESPN's "SportsCenter" over and over and once again. What i'm saying is the Easter Bunny. I can manage something as soon as, however the undeniable fact that it came back just last year, on starting Day none the less, and took myself aside again, that is just crazy, guy! Close 2nd, those darn life-sized gnomes!

Are you experiencing any tricks your sleeve for this period?
Oh yes, I definitely do! I’m not going to provide you with any tips, because I'm sure the other Presidents will be scanning this, but let’s only state I am far better ready because of this season than We have ever been prior to.

What are we very likely to see this year, you sporting Jayson Werth’s beard or Bryce Harper’s hair?
Oh, that’s a challenging one. The funny benefit of it really is, as far as I would like to have Werth’s beard, I just can’t appear to grow a beard whatsoever. The sole undesired facial hair We have is my mustache, though it does not have its own Twitter handle. Thus I imagine i'll choose Harper’s locks.

If you needed to run the Presidents race with one Nationals player as your teammate, that would you decide on and just why?
I believe everybody else in the team brings something on dining table, I don’t think I could ever choose just one, could we do a 26-person relay race? Haha.

We’ve seen the Presidents display their particular speed, exactly what about their particular energy. If the Racing Presidents presented property run derby, that would win?
Funny you need to deliver that up because during the last couple of years we've actually held our own Mascot Residence Run Derby, of late the 2009 December at Winterfest. I became victorious in 2014, but at Winterfest used to don’t also make the final round. Bill can definitely introduce a baseball, when he makes contact which. I'd say it is most likely a fairly tight struggle between Abe, Tom and myself (because those will be the last three winners).

The season you won very first competition the Nationals made the playoffs. Then, the entire year you had the most gains of every President (2014), the Nats in addition made the playoffs. Can there be a connection? Are you currently the good fortune appeal?
I’m always wanting to win, it just therefore took place that my very first came in 2012. I am aware there is a large number of conspiracy concepts on the market and folks wish make a match up between my events while the group, but We don’t truly get into that much. I adore rushing, I enjoy the Nationals and I really like the fans. It is here a connection between how I do and the group, I don’t see it, we both have our sights set in offering every little thing we got to win.

Nevertheless, all anybody centers on can be your very first victory in 2012. Do you realy feel just like you’re coasting down that? Tend to be bigger things originating from Teddy?
I don’t ever before feel just like i will be coasting, i will be providing 100% everyday and constantly trying to get better. I hear the fans shouting and cheering me personally on throughout the races, it truly pushes me personally! I wouldn’t usually try this, but I’m getting amped up only considering how close we're getting to starting Day ... I’m likely to beat Abe this season!

Also, i might be remiss if I performedn’t mention that there is going to be a giveaway during my honor on April 26, it's a Teddy Window Cling! That’s only a taste for the larger things to come!

it is George’s birthday celebration. Are you going to celebrate with him, or is your rivalry too large?
I understand, very interesting birthday celebration for him, the big 284! We might push, travel, rub elbows, etc. on race track, but we all have been great friends. Whenever you spend a great deal time collectively, how could we not be? We shall all celebrate with George on their birthday then on Tuesday, I’ll return in the gym, watching film, preparing for starting Day, which will be April 7 at Nationals Park if you would you like to come cheer me personally in!

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