Can you ride a Clydesdale horse?

January 3, 2022
A yearling horse inside a pen

The scene from Top! Triple Crown Karen goes operating with the Budweiser Clydesdales.

If you know any such thing about the section of Florida that We live-in, the Daytona Beach location, maybe you are quite acquainted us whilst the home of Daytona Global Speedway and NASCAR! We have, however, another little gathering every March within Daytona labeled as bicycle Week. For motorcycle lovers its “their” week and our community welcomes, oh, about 300, 000 of them into city to commemorate their particular type of horse power and freedom. You are wondering what the heck it's related to ponies… well stick to me personally!

While i might never ever imagine getting on a motorcycle, i actually do have my personal reason for loving Bike Week which explanation is renowned Budweiser Clydesdale Hitch.

A big custom during Bike Week could be the journey the Budweiser Hitch takes right down principal Street enclosed by all those motorcycles. Its a sight that is awesome and inspiring. I was fortunate to-be welcomed up top onboard the Hitch on its journey amongst the Bikers.

This possibility came into being via some good pals Frank Scott and Tracy Dillon which also are already DJ’s on top classic stone place in your community, 95.7 WHOG-FM. If the station initially came from the environment about 16 yrs ago I got associated with an on air April Fool’s laugh that involved some thing about Mr. Ed and carried on on for a couple days more than just April 1st. Something led to another and I began providing them with commentary for Triple Crown events and my radio name of “Triple Crown Karen” was born.

The place provided me with the chance to really drive on the Budweiser Hitch during Bike Week, and I also genuinely believe that had been a very important thing anyone might have directed at this horse crazy lady. You’d have thought somebody gave me the winning lotto figures. We told all my co-workers and could you believe they weren’t even only a little excited. Duh!?! Might believe driving from the hitch had not been an “event”. Now i am aware what the Harley riders suggest if they tell folks should they “have to describe you wouldn’t understand”.

Budweiser Clydesdales Daytona

Once the time came, my better half, Mike, and I went downtown to some part street in a domestic area that were designated while the parking location for the huge Budweiser tractor trailers and also the area these were probably have the group hitched and able to go-down Main Street. Can you imagine looking out your forward screen and witnessing three huge tractor-trailers with the Budweiser Clydesdales painted quietly? I became therefore excited simply to see these magnificent ponies up close and get to speak with the crew. It was like Christmas in my situation!

We parked close by and strolled as much as the parked rigs. Boy had been they one thing to see. These were therefore shiny and clean they gleamed like black diamonds in the Florida sunlight! I possibly couldn’t imagine needing to hold dozens of huge horses so clean!

While looking at the trailers, the team began getting things prepared. Initially, arrived the familiar Budweiser Beer Wagon, carefully rolled off a unique truck. Let me tell you, witnessing it on TV and witnessing it personally is an entire different experience. You earn an innovative new respect for the Clydesdales whom pull this huge truck, and yes i am aware they have been equally impressive in size, but seeing the wagon close up ended up being incredible. Plus, those ponies and driver ensure it is look laid back in the future.

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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RIDE?! - Horse Video Contest
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RIDE?! - Horse Video Contest
I can ride a horse can you
I can ride a horse can you
Why ride a Dragon when you can ride a Horse?
Why ride a Dragon when you can ride a Horse?
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