Horse riding in Cumbria

October 21, 2022
Premier Horse Riding in

horse08.jpgAt Rookin House Equestrian Centre, bikers of all capabilities are taught by expertly qualified staff on well schooled ponies in a safe, enjoyable environment. Rookin House’s standing as an approved Association of British Riding School and a Pony Club Riding Centre enables riders of all of the abilities to enhance and gain experience through riding tests conducted during the centre.

In the event that you would rather a far more individual hack, you might reserve an Accompained professional Ride. Perfect for a more experienced rider which likes a faster pace, or an inexperienced rider which likes much more individual interest.

Costs for guest teachers and centers take the arena hire & activities portion of the web site.

Exclusive lessons 1:1 or Semi-private 1:2.

1:1 ½ hour £25:00 1:2 ½ time £22:50

1:1 ¾ hour £35.00 1:2 ¾ time £29:50

1:1 one hour £42:50 1:2 60 minutes £36:00

Classes is scheduled in blocks of 10, which offers a considerable preserving.

1:1 ½ hour £225:00 1:2 ½ time £210:00

1:1 ¾ time £325:00 1:2 ¾ time £280:00

1:1 1 hour £382.50 1:2 1 hour £335:00

For teams for 3 or maybe more folks the price differs depending on the instructor to rider proportion needed therefore be sure to e mail us for a cost. Prices for guest instructors and centers take the arena hire and occasions area of the website.

Children’s Group Lessons 4 cyclists or higher, one hour £21.00

3 riders, ¾ time £21.00

For regular riders whom attend at least twice 30 days

2 cyclists, ½ time £21.00

2 bikers, ¾ hour £28.00

2 cyclists, 1 hours £33.50

Mature Group sessions – Evenings 6.30pm - 1 Hour + (based on team size) £21.00

Grownups are also welcome to deliver their very own horse to team classes £15.00

Monday & Tuesday Dressage/Flat Work and Wednesday Show leaping 6.30pm

067Rookin_Riding_Display.JPGPlease note;

For all regular driver bookings you must provide a day notice of termination or complete payment is required.

Person newbies

or those returning to riding can get confidence on practical ponies with expert support from qualified instructors. Cyclists are able, should they want, of using Association of British Riding School Progressive Riding Tests, which start at a simple amount and provide an illustration of a rider’s progress. Beginners do not need to buy any costly gear or clothing. Our company can offer advice on what things to put on and driving caps can be found to loan but we do advise which you purchase a riding hat when you start to ride regularly.

Young Ones

of most many years are offered tuition which is safe, interesting and enjoyable – learning how to drive with certainty on well-mannered ponies with skilled instructors. Pony trips are available to allow youngsters to get confidence before progressing to classes. Kiddies can advance to taking proficiency examinations in operating and steady management, gaining experience by driving aside, jumping and getting involved in competitions. We also run ‘own-a-pony’ times for children, susceptible to capability and knowledge, and during the college holiday breaks kiddies can stay over at Pony Camp.

Improvers and experienced

cyclists can advance through a number of heightened classes, permitting them to advance in show-jumping, driving away, cross-country and dressage. Useful riding tuition is supported by theoretical stable administration. Cyclists can advance from the Association of British Riding institutes Progressive Riding Tests about the British training Certificate. Tuition towards GCSE & BHS Stages also available.

Horse proprietors

are thank you for visiting bring unique ponies in for clinics or personal university fees covering flatwork, dressage, tv show jumping and cross-country. Pony Club and Riding Club tasks can be found either all on your own horse or on a RHEC horse/pony. Education is also available for young or problem ponies. Competitions tend to be on a regular basis held kindly visit the arena hire and occasions section for as much as day details.

Academic Visits

Horse Riding is a superb task for young adults and incredibly worthwhile. We could provide a half day session (3 hours) with a far more practical approach which includes fundamental aspects of horsemanship (brushing and tacking up), a ride out including instruction to make the visit a far more unforgettable knowledge. For Educational visits we are able to link the training into core aspects of the National Curriculum. The price for a half day session is £25 each (centered on at least team size of 12 and readily available mid week during term time).

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Horse Riding on beautiful Cumbrian bridleways wearing a
Horse Riding on beautiful Cumbrian bridleways wearing a ...
(2) Park Foot Pony Trekking Horse Riding Ullswater Cumbria
(2) Park Foot Pony Trekking Horse Riding Ullswater Cumbria ...
Horse riding around beautiful Sedbergh/Dent in cumbria
Horse riding around beautiful Sedbergh/Dent in cumbria
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