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August 23, 2022
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Sahara Trails is situated in Port Stephens, just under a 2 1/2 hour drive North from Sydney and less than a 1 time drive North from Newcastle, Australian Continent's largest regional town.

You can travel to Sahara Trails by automobile, by coach, by train by jet. Trains visit nearby Newcastle and planes fly in to the Newcastle Airport at Williamstown.

BY automobile

If you should be traveling by automobile the three major roads leading through the south, west and north all mix around Hexham, in which you join a unique road which goes onto Nelson Bay.

From Sydney make the Freeway or Pacific Highway North past Newcastle, and further north to Hexham. From right here take signs for Nelson Bay.

From Dubbo take the brand new The united kingdomt Highway to Hexham then follow indications for Nelson Bay (continue like coming from Sydney).

Through the north-east shore use the Pacific Highway south until such time you arrived at Raymond Terrace. Exit this roadway right here, going towards Nelson Bay (continue as though originating from Sydney).

An individual will be regarding Nelson Bay Road, carry on and soon you achieve the Salamander Bay roundabout. Change left onto Port Stephens Drive.

There are Sahara Trails about 200 metres regarding left.

with BUS

Port Stephens Coaches operates daily transportation to and from Sydney, stopping right outside Sahara Trails. McCafferty's offers transport from Northern New Southern Wales including Queensland, although just in terms of Newcastle. From Newcastle you will have to simply take one of the Port Stephens Buses travelling to Nelson Bay.

with TRAIN

Trains travel in terms of Newcastle, although from here you need to capture one of several Port Stephens Buses. There are numerous trains showing up each day from Sydney, with additional trains showing up from Brisbane also locations over the north-east coast.

Newcastle Airport is approximately quarter-hour drive from Sahara Trails. Day-to-day flights arrive at Newcastle airport from Sydney, Northern New South Wales, and Queensland. If you are arriving at every other airport you will have to take either a bus or train to Newcastle.

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Band of Horses-Ode To LRC live in Newcastle 26th Jan 2011
Band of Horses-Ode To LRC live in Newcastle 26th Jan 2011
Band of Horses-Is There A Ghost live in Newcastle
Band of Horses-Is There A Ghost live in Newcastle
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