Horseback riding Excursions

August 23, 2022
Palena River Ride Horseback

­Our Grand Canyon Caverns horseback riding tours offer a wonderful opportunity to start to see the largest dried out caverns in the usa in close proximity. Traveling up to the Grand Canyon Caverns on horseback will take you through probably the most scenic parts of Northern Arizona. Positioned off of renowned Route 66 and near the breathtaking Supai Falls and Grand Canyon itself, the Caverns fall 200-300 foot underneath the surface as they are essential see proper who really loves the Arizona outside!

Spur Cross Stables has constantly provided incredible sightseeing tours via horseback, and our horseback tours regarding the Grand Canyon Caverns will definitely be our best yet! Every year countless site visitors arrived at Northern Arizona to see a destination that sits in our own backyard. You will join us in experiencing it near.

  • These memorable horseback excursions are led trips featuring experienced, friendly and knowledgeable guides
  • Get off the city and encounter a few of the most breathtaking land Arizona is offering
  • Journey the famous Grand Canyon Caverns
  • Group and specific bookings available
  • Call these days for times, rates and much more tour details

Our experienced guides are wanting to share their knowledge of the real history of Grand Canyon Caverns as well as the surrounding areas with you. Our passion is without question to share the unique and historic Arizona landscape with your consumers, and traveling by horseback to Grand Canyon Caverns is a personal experience you won’t shortly forget.

We couldn’t be much more stoked up about that which we offer with your Grand Canyon Caverns tours. Horseback riding in Arizona is like doing this no place else, in addition to beauty and majesty of Northern Arizona plus the popular Grand Canyon Caverns guarantees to come live obtainable.

Annually, a number of the wranglers and horses from Spur Cross Stables saddle up and head to Prescott for Camp Stein, a childhood summertime camp nestled into the beautiful Bradshaw woodland in Prescott. With breathtaking weather condition and a lovely woodland environment, this is basically the perfect environment for young ones to conquer the warmth and obtain outside […]

Humans and ponies have always been close companions, and though driving horses the most exciting hobbies one can get, there is something even more powerful we gain through the knowledge. Last thirty days, we talked about the therapeutic advantages horses give kids. But ponies have some classes that individuals can […]

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