Shire Horse riding

September 1, 2015
Shire Horse Riding Shire Horse

Shady LadyHaving such great temperaments Shires and Clydesdales make superb riding horses.

Chewmill Shady Lady ridden and had by Karen Whittaker

Although many of your ponies continue to be successful riding ponies we usually do not often offer ponies that are already broken to ride. From experience great operating horses just extremely seldom seriously the marketplace. Owners become so attached with their operating ponies they remain in similar home for life and just in very exemplary conditions do good, safe biking Shires and Clydesdales come on the marketplace.

Gairloch Challenger owned and ridden by Jane Kirk - picture thanks to Tracy Muir photographer

This is why so many of your horses can be purchased as foals, yearlings and two and three year olds and very carefully caused to drive or drive by their new proprietors, local plumber to start instruction for both riding and driving becoming as two to three year olds. Delivering on a new horse is a lot less daunting than many individuals imagine and even very first time purchasers have inked this with great success and found the method hugely rewarding.

Loch Crean Gharsun. Owned and ridden by Nicola browse

Loch Crean Gharsun Owned and ridden by Nicola browse Young horses suitable to create on for riding and operating

Needless to say Shires and Clydesdales are well-known for their suitablity as driving and environmentally friendly working horses and ceremonial ponies.

We do sporadically have driving horses obtainable although once more lots of the young ponies we sell carry on become trained as driving ponies. We could in addition request your horse to be delivered to an established trainer be broken to-drive which takes only per month.

Ronaldo owned by Helen Magell, Stocks Resort, Sark

We're thrilled that 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 National Champion Riding Shires were supplied by united states as yearlings and with the dedication of these proprietors have achieved these types of great success

Gairloch Challenger younger horses suitable to create in for cycling and operating Ronaldo possessed by Helen Magell Stocks Hotel Sark nationwide Champion Riding Shires

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