Cheltenham Horse Race

September 6, 2022
There is no dress code at

DJAKADAM RIDDEN BY RUBY WALSHDjakadam: proved their rate over 2m4f when you look at the John Durkan

PICTURE: Caroline Norris

You can find races when it comes to centuries, after which there was this present year's Gold Cup. In other words, it's the many interesting race over walls since Kauto celebrity, Denman and Imperial Commander decided to go to war inside 2010 version.

With many trendy horses the contenders will have to be cherry ripe on March 18. We check the way the trainers will use the final variations to those elite athlete's arrangements.

most readily useful cost 4-1

If it was maybe not for Coneygree he'd already be a Gold Cup champion and, the good news is for Djakadam, just last year's winner misses the battle - making him de facto the main one to conquer. A-year older, he could be seven today and getting into their top years.

Is seen only once in 2010, whenever working away because of the John Durkan. He proved he couldn't lack rate that day, winning by 12 lengths over a-trip three-quarters of a mile faster as compared to Gold Cup test, and he has their heat up later this month when you look at the BetBright Cup Cotswold Chase, that he could be the 2-5 favourite.

Don Cossack and Bryan Cooperin summary: Speed and endurance, the whole bundle

In which will we come across him after that: BetBright Cup Cotswold Chase, Cheltenham, January 30

Don Cossack (left): the highest-rated chaser in Britain or Ireland

PICTURE: Patrick McCann

most readily useful price 5-1 usually

Has actually concerns to answer regarding Cheltenham, while he has actually let down on two past visits, it is the highest-rated chaser in Britain or Ireland and lost absolutely nothing in beat whenever falling two call at a scintillating King George.

Rider Bryan Cooper felt he previously Cue Card covered that time and instructor Gordon Elliott is making no stone unturned, working him in an uncompetitive four-runner battle at Thurles on Thursday, that he is 1-7, in an attempt to reconstruct his confidence when jumping.

Basically: Talented and consistent, but struggles at Cheltenham

Don Poliin which will we come across him after that: Ladbrokes Ireland Kinloch Brae Chase, Thurles, January 14

Don Poli: a fantastic jumper who comes alive at Cheltenham

PICTURE: Edward Whitaker

most useful price 6-1 usually

In identical ownership as Don Cossack, but very nearly the polar reverse. Poor rate and unverified at the highest degree, he's plenty discover on type, but he's an excellent jumper which comes live at Cheltenham.

A two-time Festival winner, including the RSA Chase last year toward Martin Pipe he acquired the entire year before, Don Poli has just done adequate to win their two starts this season. He goes from Lexus toward Irish Gold Cup at Leopardstown, a well-trodden route for Ireland's leading Gold Cup contender, and is even-money to steadfastly keep up his unbeaten record in 2010.

The bottom line is: Jumps for enjoyable and remains all the time, it is he adequate?

Cue Cardin which will we come across him next: Irish Gold Cup, Leopardstown, February 6

Cue Card: the most well-known ponies in training

PICTURE: Getty Images

best price 8-1 (Betfred)

He would pocket an awesome £1 million bonus if he could include this to their victories when you look at the Betfair Chase and King George. Another two-time Festival winner, landing the 2010 bumper additionally the 2013 Ryanair, he's got already been revitalised this year by an operation on what had been a trapped epiglottis.

Probably one of the most well-known horses in education, there would not be a dry attention inside your home if he could win the Gold Cup for their owner Jean Bishop after she lost her husband Bob last month and then he looks set-to go straight to the event.

Basically: The £1 million horse

In which will we come across him after that: Timico Gold Cup, Cheltenham, March 18

Cue CardVautour (left): fast enough to be priced up when it comes to Champion Chase

most readily useful price 10-1

Will he run-in the competition? His trainer already has Djakadam (for similar owner) and Don Poli, but is however to win this battle and nobody could argue Vautour is not capable of this. No other runner possesses adequate normal speed to be priced up when it comes to Champion Chase, and he had been imperious eventually year's event winning the JLT.

He's got stamina concerns, as his reserves appeared to cave in at Kempton final time, nonetheless they went a critical gallop and then he was at front side a long way out. He might be waited with longer when you look at the Gold Cup and it is a remarkable competitor if permitted to simply take their possibility.

In summary: Has the class, but may come annually too quickly

Where will we come across him after that: Cheltenham Festival, March 15-18, target undecided

Path To Riches (maroon, center): The forgotten horse associated with the competition

PICTURE: Edward Whitaker

most useful cost 20-1 (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Road To wealth emerged only three . 5 lengths short in last year's restoration and seemed as good as ever before when romping to a six-length success in the Clonmel Oil Chase back November.

The 5-2 2nd favourite for their clash with Don Poli in Irish Gold Cup at Leopardstown the following month, he could certainly put the cat among the list of pigeons.

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Cheltenham Festival 2010, Racing tips for todays horse races
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