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August 30, 2022
What makes the Irish Derby so

EmilyDaignault GinJoint JordanPruiksma Fullback rolex

October 23-25, 2015 at Kentucky Horse Park

200 Thoroughbreds trained simply to competition entered during very first months of 2015. They truly are from 44 says, Canada, and England, and their trainers tend to be planning them to participate in a single or two of ten riding disciplines. This occasion has impressed a $2.5 million investment inside treatment and education of 350 ponies, making each with an education which will secure its future.

The Competition

Makeover rivals Emily Daignault-Salvaggio on Gin Joint and Jordan Pruiksma on Fullback. Photo by JAS PhotograhyHorses will do before the judges on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning in Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Hunter, Eventing, Competitive Trail, Barrel Racing, Fox Hunting, Polo, Ranch Work, and Freestyle.

General Admission - Totally Free

Totally free General Admission includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday early morning accessibility all ten competitors disciplines, the Sponsor Fair when you look at the Covered Arena, while the Makeover Marketplace.

The Finale - Tickets $15

On Sunday afternoon from 12:00 – 5:00 pm in the Covered Arena the very best three scorers in each discipline will contend for their $5, 000 discipline brands. From one of the ten winners a panel of racing famous people therefore the audience will select the horse that most readily useful shows the trainability and skill for the off-track Thoroughbred, awarding it the $10, 000 subject of America’s Many desired Thoroughbred. Entertainment will likely to be given by Templeton Thompson. Kids under 6 no-cost

The Seminars - Tickets $25

Ten workshops will undoubtedly be offered in the Visitor Center while the Covered Arena’s Club Lounge. Ticket buyers will receive wrist bands permitting all of them access to all workshops. The subjects tend to be: Soundness problems and Pre-purchase Exams, wellness handling of Your OTTB, attempting to sell or putting Your Thoroughbred, beginning and Managing Your Aftercare Organization, Trainers’ Forum, What Racehorses understand, performing The Backside: The classes of CANTER, Picking Prospects, The British Model (RoR), and Thoroughbred Makeovers For a full time income. Young ones under six free

Magazine Establish Party - Tickets $25

Join united states Friday night within the Visitor Center from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm for a party to commemorate the launch of Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine, a collaboration between RRP therefore the Horse Media Group, previously within Blood-Horse Publications. The night is sponsored by Bourbon Lane Stable and features the all farrier bluegrass band, Shades of Grass and Templeton Thompson. Kiddies under six free.

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