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October 4, 2022
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For absolute spectacle, atmosphere and excitement per day at Doncaster Racecourse is a custom which difficult to defeat.

Racedays at Town Moor were attracting appreciative crowds of people for years and years and Doncaster is definitely considered among best racecourses in European countries while the best spot for horse race in Yorkshire. This present year, we number 36 meetings at Doncaster Racecourse including:

September: Ladbrokes St Leger Festival - 7-10 September

We at Doncaster Racecourse are proud to play host to 1 of the most extremely prestigious race weeks associated with Brit horse racing diary, the Ladbrokes St Leger Festival.

Right here on Town Moor, you are able to enjoy a distinctive mixture of history, top-class horse rushing and fabulous live entertainment during four-day September extravaganza.

The crescendo develops to Saturday, where in actuality the Festival’s trademark occasion and World’s Oldest Classic, the illustrious Ladbrokes St Leger Stakes, takes centre-stage.

Ladies trip to the Ladbrokes St. Leger - 8 September

The catwalk involves Doncaster as Ladies Day is all about the fashions. Additionally it is whenever we choose our Best Dressed Lady. We deliver a group of independent manner scouts to socialize among our friends to select whom, in their viewpoint, is the greatest dressed on the day.

October: Rushing Article Trophy - 21-22 October

High quality rushing's fully guaranteed once we host the UK's last Group One competition associated with the period. It's a chance for next months Classic hopefuls showing their ability- and history demonstrates that we possibly may be well applauding the next champion.

November - BETFRED November Handicap - 5 November

Cannot skip the Finale regarding the Flat in addition to chance to begin to see the season's Champion crowned. Recently it has been a nail-biting end to determining the Champion Jockey.

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