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October 7, 2022
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2:00 Southwell

Hab Reeh

J Sullivan
Mrs R Carr


Arizona Snow

L Morris
R Harris


Glenbuck Lass

S Golam
A Bailey


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Aintree could be the home of the most useful horserace in the field, the Aintree Grand National. Each year since 1839 forty odd runners attempted to win the hearts and thoughts of Uk public.

The initial meeting is staged at Aintree was in 1829 and it has gone from energy to energy over the last two hundreds of years. You can find plans to complete a 30 million pound redevelopment for 2007.

Since the first National ended up being won by Lottery in 1839 it offers driven proprietors and trainers all over the country into the search for National stardom and undoubtedly it's going to continue as long as we have horseracing.

Aintree is the perfect racetrack and it is kept in prime condition when it comes to nationwide search period plus particular for Aintree Grand National event that will be staged over three days and it is 2nd and then the Cheltenham Festival.

Aintree Race Course, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 5AS
Telephone: 0151 523 2600

4 Jer's Girl 2/1 F
3 Forgiving Glance 16/1
6 Mystery Code 5/2
8 Ran
1 Bally Beaufort 3/1
5 Great Link 11/2
6 Ran
2 Agrapart 11/4
3 Braavos 6/1
6 Ran
16 Highland Lodge 20/1
13 Dare To Endeavour 33/1
6 Dolatulo 10/1
7 Soll 9/1
17 Ran
3 Don Poli 6/5 F
1 Many Clouds 13/8
4 Ran
4 Virgilio 5/2 F
1 Un Ace 5/1
8 Fort Smith 20/1
9 Ran

Non Runners:
Bell Weir

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