Beach Horse riding UK

September 6, 2022
Chaple St Leonards, one of the
Nicky - Yard manager on Rodney

an hour Instruction or ½ Instruction and ½ Ride Out
BHS AI instruction available in the key arena for newbies or skilled riders in flat work or jumping.

1 ½ Ride Out
The 1 ½ country side trip is actually for bikers with more experience to include stroll, trot and canter. Escort always rides. Spectacular surroundings and a varied trip across open fields, rising to 400 foot above sea-level and overlooking the beaches of Woolacombe and Combesgates.

1 ½ Hour Sand dune Rides
The 1 ½ Sand dune ride is for experienced cyclists to add stroll, trot and canter. Escort always rides. A brilliant ride moving though the town of Woolacombe and running parallel to Woolacombe Beach. This trip takes you through fabulous scenery and undulating sand dunes and bridle ways.

1 ¾ Hr Beach Rides
The 1 ¾ hour coastline ride is actually for the more experienced driver, it offers walk, trot, canter and gallop. Escorts always drive. This might be an original trip moving through the village of Woolacombe and along the 3 miles of sandy beach. Coming back home through sand dunes. (for the kids elderly over 12 yrs)

1/2 time session and 60 minutes trip
This is certainly a well known choice for those that have done a lot/some riding in past times and want a refresher before enjoying a ride away.

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Cancer survivor dies riding horse on beach
Cancer survivor dies riding horse on beach
Ghost while riding a horse at UK farm in Kent in 80s
Ghost while riding a horse at UK farm in Kent in 80s
Horse riding on the beach: all you need to know
Horse riding on the beach: all you need to know
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