Cornwall Horse riding

September 21, 2022
Horse Riding - CALL HELEN ON

memorable horse and pony trekking and horse riding holidays in CornwallWe offer hour-long horse and pony trekking for many abilities, from age 5 upwards. Our beginners trips tend to be escorted by our friendly staff at a gentle pace ideal for the driving team, taking-in some fantastic moorland views from busy roadways.

During class Holiday months we recommend early scheduling in order to avoid frustration

Our ponies and ponies are typical experienced and very knowledgeable about the moorland landscapes. We are going to match each rider aided by the most useful horse or pony for his or her capability. These rides are very well-liked by kids and people wanting a pleasurable vacation activity doing collectively, to brush through to riding abilities or try a hobby. Please reach the stables about a quarter-hour before your ride.

Expense per person: From £20 per hour

Pub Ride – to your Blisland Inn

We additionally offer a lengthier very popular club trip, which goes throughout the scenic Bodmin Moor on picturesque moorland town of Blisland, in which refreshments may be enjoyed within Blisland Inn. This trip is approx 3 hours and is an ideal way to experience the best the Moor has to offer!

Expense per person (exluding refreshments): From £80

Moorland Rides for experienced bikers

During class getaway months we advice early booking in order to avoid dissatisfaction.

Please be aware that prices exhibited on our internet site tend to be “from” prices and will differ relating to team sizes, operating knowledge, Ride times and times. We therefore advise which you request the cost whenever scheduling your trip.

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