Horse Racing North West

September 9, 2022
Racecourse at Jullouville

Shared opinion Nonetheless recovering in NorthwestPhoto: Benoit photographer

Shared Belief

Continuing their data recovery from a hip break at Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation and Training Center in Redmond, Wash., still does not have a timetable for a return to rushing, in accordance with part-owner and bloodstock representative Jason Litt.

The winner 2-year-old colt of 2013 and five-time level I champion has been handwalking when you look at the Northwest, but nonetheless has actually considerable rehab to undergo following their injury through the April 18 Charles Town Timeless (gr. II). The Vintage was their first competition beyond Ca.

"he is planning the proper direction and curing up well, " Litt stated. "There's no schedule. We're going to do everything we could to give him a chance to return. If that is 6 months or twelve months, that is what it's going to be."

Litt is positive about Shared Belief's ultimate return, but cannot assist but ask yourself exactly what it will be love to accept later on this year.

"it will be enjoyable is around at this time, getting an attempt at United states Pharaoh (within the Breeders' Cup Vintage), " Litt stated. "But we will do what is perfect for the horse."

Litt described the gelding's contacts as "guarded" with regards to speculation within the 4-year-old boy of 's future, but remained positive.

"their prognosis is very good, but we have been tangled up in rushing for enough time become superstitious, because we realize what can take place within online game, " Litt stated. "We're not planning give a target at this stage, like, 'We're pointing to the following year's Breeders' Cup.' we are guarded because things get wrong constantly."

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