Horse Racing Results Ffos Las

September 13, 2022
Racing results - Horse Racing

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2:00 Southwell

Hab Reeh

J Sullivan
Mrs R Carr


Arizona Snow

L Morris
Roentgen Harris


Glenbuck Lass

S Golam
A Bailey


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Ffos Las commenced rushing in the eighteenth Summer 2009. Ffos Las may be the just Horse Racing track in Wales and it also sees Horse Racing both National Hunt and Flat return to Wales since 1937. As its nearest track is Chepstow its hoped that it'll have the ability to establish itself for future. Another great advantage is the fact that it's just one hours drive from Pembroke Dock and this will guarantee a stable movement of runners from Ireland.

The Track is 60m broad plus they expect it to ride like among best in britain. It offers a lovely aspect as it is enclosed by moving hills and country and it has a view along the Gwendraeth Valley to Carmarthen Bay.

Ffos Las RacecourseFfos Las Racecourse, Trimsaran, Wales, SA17 4DE
Phone: 92

2 Borak 4/9 F
4 Nabhan 6/1
5 Ran
9 Never Ever Equalled 9/2
11 Preseli Rock 3/1
1 Baraka De Thaix 5/2 F
14 Ran
4 Pobbles Bay 8/1
5 Captainofindustry 9/4 F
1 Saint John Henry 11/4
8 Ran
1 Bob Ford 8/1
3 Cloudy Copper 4/1
7 Went
4 Clyne 2/1
1 Heath Hunter 5/4 F
6 Ran
5 Supreme Bob 11/4 F
2 Flash Crash 7/1
6 Veauce De Sivola 10/1
10 Ran
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