Horse Racing Results at Kempton

September 26, 2022
Kempton Boxing Day | Horse

Richard Johnson operating Sternrubin (yellow) and Noel Fehily operating Jolly's Cracked It dead-heatSternrubin (yellow) fights back into join Jolly's broken It exactly in danger

PICTURE: Getty Photos

Report: Ascot, Saturday

The Ladbroke (Handicap Hurdle Grade 3) 1m7½f, 4yo+

JOLLY'S CRACKED IT and Sternrubin were announced joint-winners of just one of season's function two-mile handicap hurdles with all the judge incapable of split the pair in a photo-finish.

The Harry Fry-trained Jolly's Cracked It, sent off the 7-1 joint-favourite, looked having guaranteed the £85, 425 first reward for connections under Noel Fehily as he perfected the front-running Sternrubin through the final just for the long-time leader to roar back under Richard Johnson and take half the reward on the line.

Fading light and poor image quality had been blamed for Lingfield mistake the other day and, aided by the Ladbroke run five full minutes later than last week's difficult bumper, there is plenty on the line as Hicks studied the picture before making a decision he cannot split the duo.

The official photo-finish when it comes to Ladbroke on Saturday


"All credit Sternrubin as he blazed a path and still got back around force a-dead temperature - Noel really thought he had been nutted right on the line, " stated Fry. "He has operate a career-best battle and put into the most readily useful round of bouncing We have seen from him. He'll stay over obstacles this year and go chasing in autumn."

Philip Hobbs, instructor of Sternrubin, added: "I thought Richard had gone also quick but he seems to have got it spot-on - possibly he failed to get quickly enough. A dead-heat is just about the fairest outcome as both horses have run cracking events. Sternrubin is definitely a free of charge going horse so we have to drive him from the front side."

Both bikers concurred they'd be happy with a joint win as they circled on track waiting around for the official choice and Fehily could not cover his relief while he increased a supply as soon as the telephone call had been eventually made.

No loitering

The same as he had done in the longer Walk Hurdle aboard runner-up Reve De Sivola, Johnson took the race by the scruff regarding the neck because the hat-trick pursuing Sternrubin forged to the lead from flag fall, setting a quick pace.

The positive techniques quickly had their competitors in big trouble and, as he scampered from the second-last, it was debateable if some of his rivals would emerge from the pack.

Jolly's broken It, already a two-time Ascot champion, did and moved half-a-length up after the final, simply to be rejoined within the last advances by the plucky Sternrubin.

Therefore near for Scoop6 punter

Even though the judge's decision implied two sets of connections celebrated success, free an idea when it comes to one Scoop6 player whom caused it to be until the last knee of this week's wager, limited to Unanimite in the future up short in tenth and end the desire a potential £1.5 million windfall.

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