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August 29, 2022
Russell Blair Racing

Corrin Wood

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To date this season, it's already been difficult to win from a wide draw over 6f-1m in handicap company at Southwell. The track features hosted 43 handicaps over those trips and stalls 9 or more supplied only one winner from 41 runners. Stalls 4 and 5 lead just how with eight gains apiece and stall 1 nonetheless sometimes struggle in bigger fields, scoring one time from 25 in fields of 8+.

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Ian’s Memory appeals among the better bets on Southwell’s Tuesday card, plus the Jeremy Noseda-trained five-year-old receives the nod to give his good sequence of success on the fibresand when you look at the 3.40 at East Midlands venue.

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When rushing is on Channel 4, will update their prices to make certain they’re providing the most readily useful odds on all athletes. Also, if you straight back a success at 4/1+ on any competition shown survive C4, will give you a free bet into exact same stake on the after that reside C4 battle!

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Donald McCain's is favouring the Ivan Straker Memorial Chase at Kelso on Thursday over Haydock's Grand nationwide test for Corrin Wood.

A smart novice two seasons ago, his type tailed down after completing 3rd into the Rowland Meyrick at Wetherby final term.

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