UK Horse Racing commentary

October 12, 2022
Sir Peter O Sullevan

Rupert Bell

Rupert Bell

Rupert features over 25 several years of radio and TV broadcasting knowledge, covering news and sport across the world. Rupert is rolling out a specialist and flexible approach during a profession interacting some subjects for a huge portfolio of customers with horse racing at the forefront.

Rupert is an accomplished recreations TV presenter and commentator, having provided for Sky Sports additionally the Racing Channel. He could be additionally a frequent reporter for Talksport broadcast – keeping the UK public current with recreations news from about society.

Rupert’s adaptable and enthusiastic approach has situated him due to the fact infallible face and vocals of horse rushing around the world.

Niall Hannity

Horseracing is Niall’s passion so long as he is able to bear in mind. After growing up in Northern Ireland and riding numerous pony race winners, he travelled up to England to make conditional jockey at age of 17. Located in Middleham with George Moore, unhealthy weight pushed him to retire from the seat in 2005 after riding ‘nigh on 100 champions’ including successes at Cheltenham and Aintree.

Niall has become a familiar face on RUK having first made a look on the station in June 2010 as a pundit and rapidly managed to move on to presenting the show.

Niall in addition works as a presenter and broadcaster for William Hill and Independent Content providers Limited whom provide horse rushing radio and discourse.

Niall HannityMalcolm Tomlinson

Malcolm is a Racecourse Commentator and expert actor. He has got worked on the racecourse since 2004 and is heard on a regular basis on Racing UK, Aththeraces and Channel 4. He's in addition element of BBC broadcast 5Live’s commentary team for who he calls the runners on the first four fences in Grand nationwide and had been delighted become expected to phone the Sussex Stakes at Glorious Goodwood for them this summer.

In the various other job he has got appeared in many top shows including Eastenders, The Bill, Emmerdale, Cold Feet, Hollyoaks and also the Chase. He can next be viewed as Quentin Kendall in Casualty next February. Malcolm features two young ones, both in addition in performing career, Eleanor and Ross. Eleanor ended up being recently seen as Isabel Neville in the BBC sets The White Queen and you will be on screen again shortly as Georgiana Darcy when you look at the future show Death involves Pemberly.

Gareth Topham

Malcolm TomlinsonGareth may be the latest and youngest person in the racecourse discourse group, and contains already been phoning them residence the tracks, RUK, Attheraces and sometimes Channel 4 since October 2012.

Based in Leeds, where he found a qualification in Sports Journalism in 2010, Gareth additionally works inside town as a studio broadcaster for William Hill and Independent Content providers Ltd.

He has got additionally experienced commentating in Australia and America on level and trotting events. His heart is though inside nationwide search game and from a much younger age he worked in the point-to-point area, which he defines as 'the most useful grounding possible, ' to do the job he constantly wished to do from youth.

Darren Owen

Darren Owen is a familiar voice on Uk racetracks, having been an on-course commentator for more than 15 years.

The Welshman covered nine Grand Nationals included in the BBC television commentary group and it has known as races in the US and Australia.

He also racereads the Racing article in addition to taking care of William Hill broadcast being element of ICS’ rushing commentary group.

Darren features a passion for nationwide Hunt Racing, making his very first visit to Cheltenham as a 12-year-old schoolboy to watch the veteran Tied Cottage lead the area house in 1980 Gold Cup (subsequent disqualified) and was bitten by the bug.

Gareth TophamSteven Powell

Steven is a passionate and lifelong horse rushing supporter, having spent lots of their very early years at Warwick, Stratford and Uttoxeter together with Grandfather.

Steven is currently the Raceday Presenter at Newmarket Racecourses as well as covers marketplace Rasen, Nottingham and Hamilton Park in that capability. Initially from Birmingham but now based in Leeds, Steven works as a studio broadcaster for William Hill and commentator for Independent Content solutions Ltd and it has aspirations to join the Racecourse Commentary team.

He has additionally commentated at Meydan, house for the Dubai World Cup, in america and Ireland and were able to check out all 60 classes in Great Britain before their twenty-first birthday celebration. His favourite days in the races feature Kauto Star landing his 4th Betfair Chase last year, Moscow Flyer beating Really Chief and Azertyuiop in 2004 BetVictor Tingle Creek Chase along with his very first visit to the Cheltenham Festival, elderly 12, on Champion Hurdle Day in 2002.

Brett Williams

Brett was tangled up in horse race so long as they can bear in mind. Being the son of a former jump jockey, he was destined working in the industry one way or another or another and spent many cool, damp early mornings operating out on Cleeve Hill for local trainer Norman Babbage, before moving forward to Mikey Heaton-Ellis, Andrew Balding and even ended up having a couple of rides as an amateur jockey for Ian Williams. The smallest amount of said on his operating career the better!

Obviously not able to deal with the chilly conditions the united kingdom gifts, and investing a fortune on gloves, Brett migrated towards the sunnier climes of Dubai in which he worked as a track work rider for Erwan Charpy, Paddy Rudkin and Satish Seemar before turning their attentions to broadcasting, and after working his way up through the media ranks, became the face area of Dubai Racing Channel where he provided all real time tv protection for the channel. He had been also utilized as senior producer and station adviser for all English-language production.

Darren Owen Steven Powell

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