Horseback riding Adventure

September 26, 2022
Adventure Trail Rides

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Kick off point and time: Montecito, flexible begin times

Degree of difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

Price: $150 Per individual (group rebate offered), 2 individual minimal. This can be a personal ride; we try not to combine teams.
Approx. 2 hours

Journey costs feature: outfitted horse and knowledgeable guide. You can expect discounts for teams or business trips.

Proceed with the Sunset trail into one of the more normal scenic areas in Old Ca. The SESPE WILD is found between Santa Barbara and Ventura, in LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST. Look at beauty of our backwoods in a way which few have the opportunity.

We are specialized in carry out our trips so other people that follow united states will find the nation unspoiled. Livestock is a normal an element of the wilderness, as soon as precisely managed, enhances guys and women’s enjoyment of our unmechanized wilderness places. Today, equally it had been as soon as the entire Southwest had been mainly backwoods, the horse together with mule continue to be our companions in backwoods vacation.

packtrip_thumbThis activity is supplied by an authorized seller to Santa Barbara Adventure Company.

Online reservations are not available for this activity.
Kindly call or e-mail to reserve (805) 884-WAVE or toll-free (877) 885-WAVE.

Cost: $250-300 Per individual, a day (group discount readily available), 2 Person minimal. This really is a private travel.

Journey fees consist of: outfitted horse, a qualified guide. You can expect discounts for groups or corporate outings.

Imagine your household and friends operating down the tranquil and unspoiled Sespe Trail, crossing streams and creeks, driving the trail of purple sage, enjoying a cushty type of “roughing it” while having exemplary food ready obtainable into the outback. Relax within the comfort and solitude regarding the wilderness campsites, selected due to their scenic beauty. I will make the pleasure of revealing with you this excellent wilderness on horseback.

Our luxurious fully catered service integrates all amenities of mountain travel by horseback with backwoods getaway. We offer tents if you decide to sleep in one. You offer your own personal equipment, resting bags and pads, liquid container, additionally liquor if you choose. Canned beer and bottled wine is okay. When there is any such thing specifically that you would like included in the selection, this needs to be discussed through your booking plans. In the event that you want to fish, make sure you get California State fresh-water Fishing License. Swimwear are also recommended for an after dinner soak within the hot springs or a day swim in another of the many swimming holes along the Sespe River.

This task is provided by a 3rd party supplier to Santa Barbara Adventure business.

On the web bookings are not available for this activity.

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