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January 15, 2020

ride in 1 day

Learn how to Ride per day

This mid-week course (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays just) is a golden chance for beginners to have the joys of understanding how to ride a horse. If you wish to learn to drive in London, we’ll allow you to master the basic principles in one fun-filled time.

Perfect for those who’d favor a condensed begin to their particular understanding, our Learn-to-Ride-in-a-Day programs tend to be hugely popular with adults. Each driver is assigned to their very own exclusive teacher during the day and, through a combination of ridden training and demonstration, may be taught tips mount and dismount, sit precisely, increase and reduce pace, connect way and get more control of their particular horse.

Here at Stag Lodge Stables we have a huge number of horses, in all sizes, so you will be allocated a horse chosen for its docile, obedient temperament and natural good nature.

A single day begins at 9am and completes at 3pm with a lunch time break between 1-2pm – be sure to bring a loaded lunch. A single day comes with an hour of steady management, as an understanding with this is an essential the main enjoyable of learning how to drive.

Horse-Care Classes

While you get more dedicated to your horse riding, and especially if you are thinking about a career involving life with ponies, then your Stag Lodge Stables Horse-Care Course is for you.

Stag Lodge Stables is among the largest riding schools in London and provides a huge variety of university fees choices and driving classes, in accordance with significantly more than 70 horses at our two internet sites there is certainly a good amount of practical, hands-on knowledge available for members of our Horse-Care Courses.

horse care programsFrom mucking out, tacking up, veterinary pointers therefore the a number of other components of stable and horse administration, our Horse-Care classes tend to be targeted at those who would you like to just take their particular life with ponies more seriously. The programs cover from grooming and dealing with to health and structure, and make certain that following the allocated time all members are confident and proficient in taking care of ponies.

BHS Classes

Stag Lodge Stables is a British Horse Society-accredited college, which we means we can offer you the full gamut of BHS Training courses targeted at every aspect of equine life, as well as all many years and levels of interest and aspiration.

Using the BHS examinations is a superb method of enhancing your equine skills and knowledge, and of gaining acknowledged qualifications through the UK’s leading human anatomy responsible for keeping standards in equine tuition. The starting point is Stage 1, 1st degree regarding the BHS career ladder which will in addition help horse proprietors in looking after their particular horse.

The first rung from the ladder addresses the BHS Stage 1 syllabus; this 16-hour program (operate as eight two-hour sessions) will prepare you when it comes to exam, including addressing all after:

Knowledge and attention

  • Grooming
  • Rugging
  • Saddlery
  • Handling
  • Husbandry
  • Foot and Shoeing
  • Physiology
  • Health and Safety
  • Horse Wellness
  • Horse Behaviour
  • Grassland Control

bhs stage 1 training courseRiding

  • Driving regarding level – go, Trot and Canter
  • Driving in the correct diagonals and canter prospects
  • Work with walk and trot without stirrups
  • Operate in trot and canter in a light chair
  • Work over trotting poles in jump position

The program is suitable for anyone older than 14 who is able to go, trot and canter. No previous steady administration experience is necessary, you must agree to the regular schedule. The program cost covers it just; the exam entry cost is certainly not included. Its your responsibility to enter the exam and spend the entry fee through the BHS.

Next course times:

Stage 1: beginning Tuesday 26th might, each week from 10am to 12pm

Learning More

Other BHS programs can also be found. Please contact work for additional details, but to whet urge for food here’s the full directory of BHS amounts you can easily achieve:

Phase 1

The initial step on expert ladder demonstrates to you possess competencies to use basic principles of horse attention.

Phase 2

Provides you with competencies to make use of basic principles for the management of horses’ stay healthy.

Phase 3

Enables you to hone the skills you should have practised in phases 1 and 2 and shows you possess competencies and capability to look after up to four ponies in stables and at grass.

Preliminary Training Test

The PTT gives you the competencies to apply the basic axioms of coaching and enhance a rider’s horsemanship skills through a modern program.

BHS Assistant Teacher (BHSAI)

The BHS Assistant teacher Certificate can be granted after achieving phase 3, the PTT and completing a training Portfolio.

Stage 4

Shows you are in a position to just take responsibility for yard organization, taking charge and looking after several horses and ponies in a variety of situations.

Intermediate Teaching Test

The ITT shows you as capable give safe and competent classes from newbie to elementary criteria without direction.

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