Horse riding lessons in Reading

October 11, 2022

We're a household run farm with it's 4th generation. We've provided horseback riding at our farm since the early 1970's. We now have ponies and ponies for several levels and ages, English and Western design. All rides tend to be led through beautiful, scenic


County. Tracks wind along the French Creek, soil roadways, wooded places and channels. Our specialty is training safe, effective skills and correct cycling. Additional time is spent with timid cyclists or those who need additional assistance. We Prefer The Horses! We would like to talk about this with you, the skill of appropriate biking, and kindness to our animals.
Kindly scroll on the next paragraphs to see just what we offer.

  • Trail Rides: ½ hour or more
  • Trail Riding Lessons both in the band as well as on the path.
  • Picnic Rides: 1 hour or over
  • one day Travel Ride
  • Local Overnights(tent camping)
  • On-site Horse Lease
  • Horse Training
  • Boarding horses
  • Horse product sales
  • No Age & No Reasonable Body Weight Restrictions.
  • However, we must be informed for this during the time of arranging your booking.
  • All business and visitation is by session just please.
  • We are open 7 days per week, 365 times annually
  • We are open for riding from 10 AM until 1 hour ahead of dark.
  • Bookings are expected for riding.
  • 24/7 notice for weekdays
  • 2-3 day notice for weekends and holidays.
  • Exact same time bookings are accepted on very first call, first serve foundation.
  • Payments are MONEY ONLY
  • or pay operating paypal (add 3per cent if making use of cc), send repayment as "gift" to
  • Costs try not to integrate gratuity for your guide(s)
  • kindly include 15-20per cent for your guide(s)
  • You may be FINANCIALLY in charge of the number of cyclists you reserved.
  • picnic picnic

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    my horseback riding lesson for jumping
    my horseback riding lesson for jumping!!!
    Horse riding lessons in Sydney -Jess and ozy at Johnson
    Horse riding lessons in Sydney -Jess and ozy at Johnson ...
    Horseback Riding Lessons -- Training The Horse Rider With
    Horseback Riding Lessons -- Training The Horse Rider With ...
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