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October 7, 2023
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Pony Park Lesson (Horse Riding for 3-6 12 months olds)

Our Pony Park classes are the perfect solution to present your son or daughter to horse riding. We just take kiddies from age three (really the only stables in the area to do so) on our gorgeous Shetland ponies, Scooby Doo, Honey Bee and Comet. A Pony Park Lesson is a 30-minute lead-rein lesson when you look at the gorgeous Richmond Park in the side of London. It's a secure and extremely worthwhile introduction to the equestrian world.

They are lead-rein sessions, which means that one of our skilled Instructors leads the pony constantly so kiddies tend to be completely supervised. Designed to develop familiarity with ponies whilst building self-confidence, the classes tend to be instructional even as we additionally improve skills slowly and properly. The biking classes should include walking and trotting and may integrate on-pony games such as for example ’round the world’, but wont integrate cantering. A Pony Park Lesson can not only be instructional but great fun also.

In the event the kid is 5 years or older and confident in stroll and trot then he or she can proceed to private one-to-one Lunge classes. If you are not sure whether your youngster is ready to progress, kindly feel free to discuss this with our skilled trainers or staff members.

Lunge Lessons

Horse riders of amounts will benefit from Lunge Lessons, but also for the newbie it is the all-natural progression from a Pony Park Lesson or one of our popular 30/60-minute one-to-one lead-rein classes.

lunge lessonsOur Lunge classes happen in one of the six Arenas we have at Stag Lodge 2, in which we provide a secure and enjoyable option to introduce the newbie to your art of horseback riding. Lunge classes help to improve pose, balance, rhythm and can highlight troublesome areas and points of weakness. Even our many experienced horse riders periodically use Lunge Lessons in an effort to perfect their skills simply because they are immensely good for all quantities of cyclists.

A Lunge Lesson is one-to-one, with all the Instructor when you look at the Arena keeping the lunge lead plus control of the horse whilst the rider does many different workouts. Lunge Lesson programs go beyond numerous times or weeks. Typically, most novice cyclists need anywhere from five to 10 Lunge Lessons at Stag Lodge Stables before they've been prepared be ‘unclipped’ and go solo.

Lunge Lessons will help you:

  • Learn how to balance and follow your horse’s activity in walk, sitting and rising trot.
  • Figure out how to keep ‘position correct’ and ‘position left, to stay upright and straight regarding circle.
  • Figure out how to develop experience for the horse swinging through their straight back precisely.
  • Learn to feel the horse’s rhythm and exactly how to make use of your momentum to steadfastly keep up regularity when you look at the rhythm.
  • Discover ways to make use of your human body to ride resistant-free changes.
  • Discover ways to control your breathing to market leisure within horse and to maintain your ‘down connection’.

private riding trainingThe Instructor preserves contact and control of the horse via a lunge line all the time. Confident rising and sitting trot must certanly be achieved before the client rides independent, off the lunge.

The next progression should be to go on to Arena-based off-lunge exclusive Lessons at our purpose-built Stag Lodge 2 website.

Children’s Professional Horseback Riding Lessons

Private classes are individual 30 or 60-minute one-to-one lessons that happen in just one of our seven on-site Arenas at Stag Lodge 2 or in Richmond Park. Ideal for the beginner driver just off the lunge plus planning for joining group classes, these classes are also ideal for the greater amount of advanced rider whose very own requirements and demands determine the content regarding the program.

Personal lessons may perfect for those wanting to develop upon their biking skills or to advance towards a personal goal; regular private lessons can provide this development on a one-to-one foundation, at a speed and degree to suit the driver separately.

In the beginning an exclusive one-to-one class will likely to be off-lunge in an Arena at Stag Lodge 2 (Lunge classes need been finished to progress to the phase). There's absolutely no dedication only at that amount – you are able to spend as you ride – but our preferred choice is to buy a block of 10 lessons, as you then in addition get one no-cost.

When the teacher is happy that you are confident plus control over the horse, you'll progress to a Ride & Lead in Richmond Park or on Wimbledon Common. Here, the Instructor rides alongside you, together with your horse on a lead line. Once again, when the Instructor is confident inside abilities you will be unclipped and drive solo. Reach this aspect along with achieved a proper milestone – horseback riding solamente through some of the most gorgeous green area in London!

Children’s Professional Horseback Riding Group Lessons

Our once a week one-hour Group Lessons, which take place throughout every season in another of the seven Arenas at Stag Lodge 2, tend to be taught by several of our many experienced trainers.

We work Group Lessons with at the most six children to a group, always with the same Instructor from program to program, and all sorts of cyclists is a similar age and capability. If your youngster is new to united states or you are not certain that your son or daughter is preparing to start an organization Lesson then a 30-minute assessment will be needed; so that you can indulge in Group Lessons, all cyclists must certanly be off lunge.

We like to maintain the Group courses enjoyable and engaging. You’ll rehearse different workouts, not necessarily for a passing fancy horse, with all the aim of enhancing your self-confidence, posture and operating capability. The best thing about Group Lessons is that you are getting involved in an activity with other like-minded people, so it’s a good way of fulfilling new people and acquiring buddies whilst having a great time.

Group classes tend to be extremely popular at Stag Lodge Stables, but these are not classes where you are able to generate when you want; joining our Group sessions calls for commitment to complete the course.

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