Horse riding School in London

September 7, 2022
Team Whiley

js_11 higher level intensive exclusive

Advanced intensive course (private)

This program is fantastic for those people who are driving skills Level 5 or 6. Over six one-hour sessions, could improve and develop your cycling technique. You will work on stability and riding in balance together with your horse throughout paces. Theory subjects will also help to help promote knowledge of and empathy with all the horse.

Tuesday-Friday Members: £120
Non Members: £480
09.00, 10.15, 11.30 or 14.00 6 60 minutes classes to-be scheduled in advance and taken within a six-week duration

Advanced program

This program happens to be created the more capable rider, already competent in all three paces and keen to produce the finesse to take their particular cycling one step further. Goals are a deeper seat and more efficient use of the aids. The focus should be regarding the utilization of the half-halt, working in to the bridle in addition to concepts of horizontal work.

js_14 higher level courseRiders can work on a far more advanced, and will have a larger knowledge of how-to enhance the horse’s performance.

Tuesdays – Friday People: from FREE
Non-Members: £325 per term
1 hour per week Six-weeks

Leaping program

If you’re confident throughout three paces, can ride school moves precisely plus in complete control and you also’ve usually watched enviously as horse and rider effortlessly pop walls, this is the course obtainable.

You start with easy pole work and advancing through grid work, this course is designed to give you the abilities and confidence necessary to achieve the greatest goal of a detailed and fluent round over a tiny span of walls.

Wednesday 09.00
Thursday 14.00
js_16 advanced level leaping courseMembers: from COMPLIMENTARY
Non users: £325 per term
6 days

Improver dressage program

Created for those riders at Preliminary dressage amount, in a position to ride in a forward and balanced way, this program will be able to work towards attaining higher involvement additionally the capability to differ tempo within any gait, including producing and keeping impulsion through precise transitions. Rein as well as lengthening may also be covered, therefore the training course will be able to work towards riding a newcomer dressage test on last time.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
10.30 – 12.30
Members: from £225 per term
Non people: £650 per term
Couple of hours a week

Desperate horse-wives

Desperate for a reason to escape work or your domestic tasks? Require some high quality ‘me’ time? Sick and tired of the fitness center and over pilates? – after comments from some of our feminine clients, we decided to develop a concept tailored for women which love to have a great time and spend time with like-minded folks and, most of all, love the notion of riding!

The hopeless Horse-wives Course works for females of all centuries at any amount of driving ability that are keen to master how to ride or to boost their riding in a friendly, fun environment. We satisfy at 10.45am every Wednesday for a 45 moment session of Horse Care and Stable control over coffee, accompanied by one hour’s cycling.

js_17 improver dressage training course js_13 desperate housewives - 25 slider sb js_10 advanced 1 day intensive training course

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muharraq horse riding school
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spanish riding school
Riding basics
Riding basics
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