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November 24, 2016
Prestfelde s Race for Life

Pretty dirty® is not like most various other fundraising event. Its a muddy hurdle training course that women of every capability can climb more than, crawl under, and charge right through to show disease that hell hath no fury like a female in green.

You'll pick from either 5k or 10k Pretty Muddy events – and this 12 months we've more occasions than ever before!

Would you like to enter as a bunch?

To participate you are able to enter as a person or friends. If you want to accept quite dirty® with a group of relatives and buddies after that most of us have the knowledge you will need.

How does Pretty Muddy® work?

Quite dirty® activities are in waves, each beginning quarter-hour apart to ensure everybody regarding program is safe. In the event that you enter as an organization, make certain you all go into the same revolution as you cannot move waves once you’ve signed up.

You should be feminine and 13 or over during the time of your occasion while you have got a pre-existing medical problem, you really need to seek your doctor’s advice before registering.

Currently signed up?

Once you’ve entered, we have countless great sources to help you get ready for your Race for a lifetime Pretty Muddy® occasion.

What's going to the obstacles be?

We would like you to provide each and every obstacle your best. Needless to say in the event that you actually can’t do it, our Pretty dirty® marshals will help you skip about the next one.

Are there any baths and lockers at Pretty Muddy® occasions?

Unfortuitously, we aren’t able to offer lockers, switching facilities or baths at these activities, so please bear this at heart at the time. Have you thought to ask buddies to take care of your valuable possessions – and don’t forget some clean clothing and a classic bath towel.

How long does it take to complete the 5k program?

The obstacles differ at each event therefore we can’t state just how lengthy it takes, but joggers frequently complete the program in around 40 minutes and walkers just take about an hour or so.

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Source: raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org
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