One Day Horse riding experience

July 12, 2022
Bring your Boy or Girl Scout

you can expect year-round biking lessons for small children (beginning at 4 yrs . old) through higher level cyclists of many years, from Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm.

Professional and Group Riding Lessons:

One hour lesson for adults and children centuries 7 or more. Pupils will spend about a quarter-hour tacking up their horse using their instructor, and around 40 mins operating. They will spend last five minutes untacking and storing their horse. > Install Riding Sessions flier

A perfect program for pet lovers and horse lovers!

Your youngster will love a cycling course followed by a distinctive and exciting hands-on pet science experience. They will certainly give, groom, and take care of our friendly barnyard and unique creatures (including a miniature kangaroo, an infant fallow-deer and a tortoise), and our small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and ferrets). They also have access to our bird room where they could hold and feed our birds, all of this in a safe environment.

This drop-off program works from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, from September to Summer, as well as on Town scheduled early dismissal times.

Price: for day

Dress accordingly (boots and jeans or riding jeans).

Bring your Troops to nice Meadow Farm for an hour conference to make either a Horse Riding or Animal Badge!

  • Animal Badge: your troop will relish hands-on time with multiple pets including bunnies, horses, chickens, goats, miniature ponies, our skilled emu and wallaby, and our mini cattle. Discover ways to care, groom and feed every one of these creatures to earn your badges.
  • Horse Riding Badge: each young one will discover ways to deal with, care for, groom, and tack up their particular horse. Every one of them could have the chance to ride one of our gentle and well trained horses.

we are able to accommodate troops of sizes; the nice Meadow Farm staff works together all many years as well. Each conference is one hour long, but you can decide to have a back-to-back conference, and also have your troop make both badges in two hours.

Nice Meadow Farm doesn't provide actual badges.

4 or more
Monday to Friday
All year round
$15 per youngster per badge - for 15 kids or more.
$20 per son or daughter per badge - at under 15 kids.

A HUGE, BIG MANY THANKS to everyone which participated in our Horse Show!

We'd an excellent turn out and might have never done it without you!

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My first experience of riding the horse
My first experience of riding the horse
GoPro- A horse riding experience.
GoPro- A horse riding experience.
One day horse riding trip to the near lake equestria
One day horse riding trip to the near lake equestria ...
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