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January 10, 2016
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horse driving for adultsat Stag Lodge Stables we offer an enormous variety of horse riding experiences in both Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common (each of that are literally close to our doorstep), and structured lessons for folks who like to ride frequently. Needless to say, if you’re new to horseback riding and want to observe you take to it, you can join us for a one-off ‘taster’ program, to discover the method that you get on (but trust united states, you’ll be hooked…).

Regardless if you are selecting a sedate amble all over stunning Wimbledon Common, or fancy a faster group hack through the bracken-filled expanse of Richmond Park (the greatest available green area within the M25) after that we can cater for you. We offer one-to-one specific and group trips for adults from our Stag Lodge web site at Robin Hood Roundabout on A3, along with classes inside our Stag Lodge 2 purpose-built, multi-arena website simply later on. Within these Arena-based sessions we’ll enable you to gain ability, knowledge and self-confidence, enhance your pose and method and develop horsmanship levels you possibly don’t even comprehend you own. We now have over 25 teachers and 70+ ponies we will allocate based on your ability and knowledge, which makes it an enjoyable, safe and carefully enjoyable encounter.

adult lunge lessonshorse biking isn't just enjoyable, it is an excellent exercise for both human anatomy and soul – literally improving the heart and mentally reducing stresses in the head. You might think that rider is not doing much exercise, but an hour’s trip can burn similar calories to a 30-minute jog or period ride – as much as 400-500 calories!

Who’d have thought it…a hobby that is not just totally relaxing and de-stressing but when in addition, you burn calories, slim down, get fit but enjoyable. Beats the gymnasium any day!

Why-not play and determine why horseback riding for adults at Stag Lodge Stables is within these types of need?

Horse bikers of most levels can benefit from Lunge classes, but for the beginner it's the all-natural development from a Pony Park Lesson or one of our preferred 30/60-minute one-to-one lead-rein classes.

Our Lunge Lessons occur in another of the six Arenas we have at Stag Lodge 2, in which we provide a safe and enjoyable option to present the novice to your art of horseback riding. Lunge classes help to improve position, stability, rhythm and certainly will highlight trouble spots and things of weakness. Even our most experienced horse cyclists occasionally utilize lunge classes in an effort to perfect their skills since they is tremendously good for all levels of rider.

private riding classesA Lunge Lesson is one-to-one, with the teacher in Arena keeping the lunge lead plus in control over the horse while the rider works a variety of workouts. Lunge Lesson courses run-over many days or weeks. Typically, most beginner cyclists will need from five to 10 Lunge Lessons at Stag Lodge Stables before these are generally prepared to be ‘unclipped’ and get solo.

Lunge Lessons will allow you to:

  • Figure out how to stabilize and follow your horse’s motion in walk, sitting and rising trot.
  • Learn how to preserve ‘position right’ and ‘position left, to be able to remain upright and straight regarding the group.
  • Learn how to develop feel when it comes to horse moving through their back properly.
  • Learn how to feel the horse’s rhythm and exactly how to utilize your momentum to keep up regularity in rhythm.
  • Learn how to use your body to ride resistant-free transitions.
  • Learn how to control your breathing to promote relaxation in your horse and to keep your ‘down connection’.

The teacher keeps contact and control of the horse via a lunge range all of the time. Confident rising and sitting trot needs to be achieved ahead of the client rides separate, off the lunge.

Another development is always to relocate to Arena-based off-lunge exclusive Lessons at our purpose-built Stag Lodge 2 site.

Private classes are specific 60-minute one-to-one classes that occur in one of our seven on-site Arenas at Stag Lodge 2 or in Richmond Park. Ideal for the newbie driver just from the lunge, these lessons are ideal for the greater advanced level rider whoever own requirements and requirements determine the content associated with the program. We have been sorry, but we try not to offer 30-minute personal classes for adults.

Private lessons may also be well suited for those wanting to develop upon their riding skills or to advance towards your own goal; regular private classes provides this development on a one-to-one basis, at a pace and degree to suit the driver independently.

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