Horse Racing Festivals

August 26, 2022
Irish racing festivals are an

Listowel HarvestTwo great days of racing, just like one could get any place in Europe, offering five hotly-contested Group 1 races at Leopardstown as well as the Curragh. Irish Champions sunday is a sporting and social occasion combining record, spectacle, allure, pleasure and status. It showcases Ireland as some sort of center of quality for horse rushing and reproduction.

The autumn emphasize associated with the Irish race schedule, the seven day Listowel ‘Harvest’ Festival attracts crowds of people throughout the country. An action-packed few days regarding the finest quality Flat and nationwide Hunt rushing, the emphasize in the track is Wednesday’s Guinness Kerry National. Chic Boutique women Day is on Friday, September eighteenth which day usually lures the biggest crowds of people for the week.

Down Royal

A different one regarding the early festival’s of this nationwide search period; this is basically the beginning of a winter season of racing with of the greatest jump racing being offered.

When it’s time to get rid, the Leopardstown Christmas Festival offers an exhilarating day out for sporting fans, socialites and thrill-seekers alike.

Another festive feast of rushing and a powerful way to spend vacations with friends and relations old and new.

Fairyhouse Easter Festival will require destination from Sunday fifth of April to Tuesday seventh of April. With Top Class Racing, musical and Family Fun for week-end, it's definitely a festival not to ever be missed.Fairyhouse Premier Jump Racing Weekend This event shows best horses, jockeys and trainers in the market. A day during the Easter Festival is a superb opportunity to catch up with friends and amuse guests in exemplary facilities with fantastic entertainment.

Punchestown Racecourse may be the home of Irish nationwide search Racing in Ireland and hosts a complete of 17 battle conferences throughout the year. The emphasize of the rushing schedule could be the five-day Irish National Hunt Festival.

3 days of top quality flat and leap race in Mallow on the Easter Holiday weekend. Cork is without a doubt the house of National Hunt race as well as its historic connection with racing extends back quite a distance.

The 2015 summer time rushing season within Curragh starts with two dazzling race times on 23rd and 24th might with the Tattersalls Irish Guineas Festival, which will undoubtedly be probably one of the most anticipated competition weekends of the season.

Leopardstown xmas Limerick Christmas

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